Let's face it, not everybody can physically make it to your events, but that doesn't mean they don't want to follow your live race day! Whether they are friends and family at home, or fans from around the globe, they are all just one click away from your live event with RaceMGR. Global Fans revenue is real, and not only comes from fan memberships but from your sponsors too. The more online traffic you generate the larger the sponsors and advertisers you can attract.
RaceMGR gives your fans 100's of ways to engage your live events online. Give them access to your live event day with a Fan Membership or access pass. Not only will you grow revenue, but keep your fans engaged with your organization. Whether you charge a fee or just collect their information for your mailing list is up to you.


  • Upcoming Events Calendar
  • Access to participant profiles 
  • Access to your Live-Paddock™ Event Feeds
  • Post pictures and video to your events
  • Inbox 
  • Messaging and Notifications
  • Follow Participants  - To receive mobile notifications when the racer they're following adds and event to their calendar

RaceMGR gives your fans 100's of ways to engage your live events online

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