The Story Behind Our Story

RAISE YOUR HAND if you've ever been to an event that: 

  • you couldn't hear the the PA system?
  • you missed a practice or race?
  • spent countless time walking back and forth to staging to get schedule changes, starting grids, lap times, and race results?
  • had a loved at home who wished they could get an update on how your where doing? 
  • was wondering why there was no spectators and fans?  

Now raise your hand if you where a spectator that:

  • didn't get a program at the gate?
  • wished you knew who the competitors where?
  • missed and autograph signing or special feature?
  • couldn't make it to the event and wished you could follow from home?
  • wished you received notifications on competitors upcoming events? 

Chances are your hand is up. RaceMGR Cloud™ was founded from these simple observations through years of racing experience in many different disciplines.    

to be continued...