RaceMGR Cloud™ is a new event based social marketing platform specifically designed for competitive sports. Packed with powerful features to engage your audience and build online excitement with spectators and fans, RaceMGR offers the latest digital Event Technology coupled with powerful Social Networking features together on an enterprise level cloud platform designed to revolutionize how organizations engage with their audience before, during and post event.       


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RaceMGR Cloud™ is your organizations own private enterprise level Event Network encompassing your events, participants, fans, sponsors, live feeds, images and video, live timing, race results, starting grids, lap times, and more, in a single place that's accessible from practically anywhere on any type of mobile device. Integrated with powerful social networking features like Live-Paddock™ RaceMGR Cloud™ is the first application to enable event promoters to communicate and engage a global audience online, in real time on event day.        

Live-Paddock™ directly connects your Event Announcements to your audiences mobile devices!


Gain access to the fastest growing segment of the global advertising market! Getting your events online opens the door to internet advertisers who spend billions of dollars with the best engagement solutions. RaceMGR Cloud™ features drive online traffic from your fans, spectators, and participants directly to your sponsors, advertisers, and your bottom line. 


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